Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor for Undiagnosed Illness


These meditation healings are for people with chronic disorders and serious illnesses that need more healing.

Along with the imagery guidance I am also sending you healing energy just like I would if you were with me in person.


You can listen to these meditations anytime you want even 2 times a day!

The reason I was guided to do this is because I can’t do healings on someone everyday and some serious illnesses this will help.

Right now, I have healing meditations for:

· cancer

· cancer on chemotherapy

· diabetes  

The cancer mediation can energetically help heal during recovery.

The cancer with chemotherapy can energetically help support during recovery and can energetically help support with treatments.

Diabetes meditation can energetically help support your body’s own healing.

I can make any meditation that would support your own bodies healing!  

These meditations will work better if I do a healing on you first just to clear out anything that is inhibiting you being able to heal. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a healing you click below to contact Tracy.


Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation


Healing meditation are meditations I have already made and are ready to go. 

Healing Meditations I have are:

- Cancer

- Cancer with Chemo

- Diabetes

- Sinus

Personalized Healing Meditations


Personalized healing meditations are meditations where we discuss what you need and I make a meditation personalized to exactly what you need for your healing journey. I use my intuition and guidance I receive to make a meditation that is perfect for your healing journey!

Price will vary on this depending on how long the meditation is. 

For questions regarding healing meditations or personalized healing meditations click below.