Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor for Undiagnosed Illness


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Undiagnosed Illness

Tracy is an Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive and a Channel. She works with you and your guides to get the best outcome that you and your soul will allow.

Just because you don't have a diagnosis does not mean its not real. 

A lot of times it originates in the energy which is why Doctors can't see it.  

I help people that have pain, illness and stress, they have gone to the doctor, have run tests, and still can’t find anything wrong. They want to feel better and are looking for alternatives to heal and change their life. I help by clearing out old energy, healing body, mind, soul from physical and emotional pain through powerful energy healing, mentoring and tuning into their needs. 

Free Healing Meditation

This is a  meditation that can help assist your body, mind and spirit in healing. 

Along with the  guided imagery, I also send you healing energy just like I would if you were having a healing session with me.


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Merry Christmas! I wanted to tell you I sent a friend your meditation and after 5 days of insomnia (she wasn’t able to sleep at all despite trying all sleep aids) she said she slept 10 hours straight! She says thank you so much! And she wants to schedule with you. How cool. You’re amazing.