Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor for Undiagnosed Illness

Tracy is an energy healer for undiagnosed illness


Why is your pain not being diagnosed?

A lot of times it originates in the energy which is why Doctors can't see it.

Do you have pain and illness where doctors have not been able to find anything wrong. Are overwhelmed and stressed? Struggling with panic attacks or depression? Do you want help to eliminate your pain and illness, learn how to handle overwhelm and stress so you no longer have mental or physical pain?

You can change and heal yourself and your life. All you need is a little guidance.

I’m Tracy a Spiritual mentor, Energy healer, and Mindset coach.

From an early age, I felt there was something more out there that could help us heal from sickness and pain. One time, I was having a really bad stomach ache and I asked God to help it go away. It immediately went away.

In my late teens early twenties, I started having panic attacks from being in a stressful relationship. I would feel out of control, like I was dying. They wanted to put me on prescription drugs to help. I decided I wanted to try on my own to stop the panic attacks. I was able to teach myself to handle the panic attacks by talking to myself. Eventually the panic attacks went away because I was able to change my thoughts.

Life went on from there. I got married and had three boys. I was a stay at home mom. Friends and family started having health issues. I remember thinking I could do something to help, so I started researching.

I got all kinds of books on natural ways to heal by changing what you eat and eliminating everything from the microwave to cleaners to decreasing the EMFs in your house. From there, I found Qi Gong a healing modality that used movement.

My husband and I did not live near family so we were on our own. With still having kids at home it was difficult for me to learn the healing modalities and I got frustrated and quit. This added to my stress at the time, because I knew I wanted and needed to do this. It wasn't until my husband had to leave for two months on a Temporary Duty that I committed to change.

By the time he got back, I was stressed and overwhelmed. My husband sent me to a spa. This is where I had my first energy healing. I knew immediately that this is what I needed to do.

I came home and found classes to take. I am now certified in three healing modalities, Reiki, In-Line Balancing and Spontaneous Cellular Release. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and also A Meditation and Mindfulness instructor. During my healings, I use everything I have learned from my certification classes, as well as inspiration I have received along the way.  

I have also been inspired to make personalized healing meditations. Check out the products page for more information .   https://tracygohrick.com/products 

Along with the energy healings, I also get a spiritual message from my clients' guides to help them with their journey. I want to help people find their strength, overcome stress and release pain. I feel so much joy helping people in this way. I truly know this is what I am meant to do.

I love watching my clients heal and learn to handle stress and overwhelm in their life.

Click the healing stories button to read about amazing healing story that I was honored to be a part of.   

Healing Stories

Certifications Tracy has


Reiki Master Johrei Reiki - May 2010

In-Line Balancing - November 2010

Spontaneous Cellular Release - May 2011

Reiki Master Usui Reiki - July 2012

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher - December 2018

Healing modalities Tracy is certified in and studied.

What Is Reiki



~ An energy healing system that assists in balancing energy for the purpose of Stress Reduction, Pain Management, and Relaxation.

~ The healer (the Reiki practitioner) pulls in and sends Universal Life Energy to the client. The client's body then uses that energy to begin the balancing and healing process.

What Is InLine Balancing



~ Provides the client the energy for beginning the process of activating the Merkabah (internal Star of David - no religious connotations) in alignment

with the client’s Light Body.

~ Energy is brought in to assist the client in cleaning the chakras, internal organs and subtle bodies.

~ ILB energy can help the client to attune themselves to the Universal Grid System of Truth.

What Is SCR



~ Spontaneous Cellular Release (SCR) is a deep cellular release energy healing modality that is both universal and spiritual. SCR energy concentrates on the deepest cellular levels activating release, renewal and healing within 7 levels of consciousness.

~ SCR is a subtle energy which promotes the clearing, cleansing and blockages of the past, and present as it creates a safe and sacred alignment for the body, mind and spirit allowing the CHI to follow with balance and a knowing of well-being. 

Businesses I Work With


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