~   Hi Tracy! I got to listen to the meditation!! It was truly amazing!! My husband tried it and went to sleep right away!


~  Merry Christmas! I wanted to tell you I sent a friend your meditation and after 5 days of insomnia (she wasn’t able to sleep at all despite trying all sleep aids) she said she slept 10 hours straight! She says thank you so much! And she wants to schedule with you. How cool. You’re amazing.  


~  So now for today.  No diffuser on last night.  Woke up feeling great and no coughing once again!  Finished washing dishes that were soaking, moved back the front room furniture, took table clothes off tables.  All this before leaving for the office at 6:30.  Once again, AMAZING!!!!  I usually just don't have the energy or brain cells and it takes a few days for me to slowly get it done.  My husband is going to be so surprised when he walks in the house and it is clean the day after a meeting LOL.

Well, THANK YOU so much for sharing your gift!  I feel like a brand new person already!


~ Tracy Guymon Gohrick is amazing!!! I highly recommend her. She has done amazing work on myself and several of my friends!!!  


~ One day while discussing the importance of Massage, Marci suggested I go see an energy healer and highly recommended Tracy Gohrick. I have never believed in energy work, and often times people suggesting Reiki just seemed like such a minimal solution. But, I decided to take her word for it and scheduled an appointment. The first time I went, I laid there and just kinda waited for some significant proof of change as she waved her arms up and down and around my body. After she was done she excused herself while I got up off the table. I felt relaxed but I had laid down for an hour, so I was still skeptical. I met her in the next room and discovered that she had written a detailed and surprisingly accurate letter to me. She claimed that this was her interpretation of what she had released or sensed from the session. Her words hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew there had to be some level of expertise or talent from her as her words were identical to what was happening in my life. I rescheduled, went home and fell asleep so hard. I hadn’t slept in the weeks prior. I had been through medical doctors and even experienced a really traumatic event that I was completely devastated by.

I went to the next session, still a little skeptical, but very curious. This session was much more interesting. And the third one just got more and more deep in to my self awareness and she always offered such a supportive yet powerful message at the end of each session. I began using a mantra she had given me specifically for the reason I needed. It began to change my life as I became more self aware and present. Every session became more powerful and I would feel electric like rushes and surges in my muscles. She healed some major back pain without even touching me. I began to have this horrible cough after one session. It was a hacking cough, so aggressive it would make me gag. It went on for days but then it disappeared. I began to add in reflexology and regular Massage. I felt the most healthy I’ve felt in years. I was starting to make major life changes that I was normally beaten down about. Almost like an internal scream to get up and keep on with my goals but I had been too tired to even consider it. I never thought I would be able to get back to where I was because the thought of it was paralyzing. I felt like I was letting down my friends, family, clients and colleagues. I was suffering in silence but I started to feel hope. I started meditating. Cutting out toxic clients that were draining me and living purposefully. I began to name blessings and think positive about myself.

During the last session with her, I felt this internal bubble travel up from my gut, it thumped in to my lungs and almost took my breath away and then a sudden pop and it was gone. It was the weirdest feeling I can’t really explain it but I got up after the session and met her in the next room like we always do.

“Your path is waiting for you, don’t waste one more minute”, was written in part of her letter. I never even spoke of this deep struggle I was facing but she already knew. I hadn’t felt more inspired in years. I left feeling awake and alert for the first time in I don’t know how long. I was thinking clearly and had this bubbling energy that I wanted to share with the world. I could breathe and I felt like I could run forever without ever getting tired. In the recent weeks, I have been so busy accomplishing things that, not too long ago, felt impossible or paralyzing. Because, I’ve been so busy, my self care has come to a halt. I have noticed my body starting to feel bogged down, and my mind is beginning to fall back to sleep. From the sessions that Tracy has sat down and explained to me what she does, I have come to be a believer. She rids your body of negative emotional and physical energy. She sees images, colors, and interpretations with vibrations, muscle twitches, and stagnant blockages. I’m positive she can explain it a lot more intuitively, educated, and provide you with science and studies. She is incredibly smart and talented! Also, ever since I started working with her, she has made me a better healer as I understand more about helping my clients while protecting myself from soaking in peoples negativities. I am thankful to Marci for referring me to her. I have my next appointment next week and I can’t wait!

Unfortunately, Reiki is vastly under utilized and misunderstood. But just like any professions you have to go to those who have a natural talent for their careers. You can’t just go to anyone who claims to be certified. Go to someone who is experienced, open, thoughtful and nurturing like Tracy. I can’t recommend her enough.

I wish for her that this message be better received so that it changes more lives like it did my own. Did I mention that my thyroid, hormones, weight gain and mood swings have completely leveled? I’m back at my goal weight, and if you have hypothyroidism, you know how difficult that is to accomplish.

Give it a shot but make sure you invest in a few sessions because they definitely build off each other and it is beyond worth it. Even if you don’t try it, know that I’m forever grateful for her as a human on this planet. It’s women like Tracy (and Marci ) that make the world go around. (link to the facebook post https://www.facebook.com/angie.klima/posts/10155687061598045?__tn__=K-R


~ Great workshop and what inspirational messages tonight. What a gift!


~ Thank you, Tracy for my first SCR session. I was very excited to work with you again and to feel as relaxed as I do after your sessions. As Jan and Mike had seen me after receiving SCR, my head was still above the clouds. LOL. I felt waves of energy shifting in me, felt inner peace, and felt like I didn't have a worry or a stress in the world. In addition, the headache that I had earlier, had dissipated once you completed working on me. I also loved that you gave me a channeled message which came exactly when I needed it. As I have worked with other energy healers, you are one of the best that I have worked with!!! I have learned so much from you! Xoxo

~ Thank you so much for allowing me to be your reiki student on such short notice!! I have learned so much from you in two days and you have taught me to trust my intuition and visions. Working with you was a beautiful experience with your meditations, encouragement, and guided support. I am grateful that you have shared your knowledge with me and so thankful that you have made my last visit to New Mexico well worth it. I wish you all the best in your endeavors because you deserve it. You love healing and you do it from your heart, not purely for financial motives. My reiki experience with you was one of the best that I have ever had and I look forward to Mike having a session with you!!


~ I have received several channeled messages by Tracy which I keep in a notebook. Why? For me, Tracy's channeled messages not only address when I am currently going through in my life, but they also are multi-layered; this is why I keep them in a notebook...I can keep "receiving" information from them. I highly recommend Spiritual Messages by Tracy.

Jan Toomer

~ When I receive an SCR session from Tracy, I feel like I’ve been wrapped in loving energy and that my energy is squeaky clean. I am *very* particular in who works on me, and am so pleased with the results when Tracy works on me that I now consider myself one of her regular clients. I highly recommend Tracy’s energy healing sessions.


~ I feel as though a miracle happened through Tracy. I suffered horribly with arthritis/bunions in my toes for 5 years. I could barely walk the pain was so great. Through 2 phone/distance sessions, the healing occurred.I had no movement in my toes prior to this. Now I can walk (and run) with joy. I am so thankful and grateful every day. Tracy has amazing healing gifts.


~ Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for yesterday's session, I'm not sure where I went, but it must have been grand. Yesterday I went on a 5-mile walk, and I felt great!!! My legs were really strong and I felt I could have jogged it. Haven't felt like that in several years. THANKS AGAIN!!!


~ Thanks trace face...miss you sooo and i can't wait to do more reiki when i get back down. you cured my tendinitis!


Healing Stories Healing for Pain


Energy Healing When Your Doctor Cannot Find What’s Wrong

I had a friend that was having severe pain on his left side from his ear to his chest and back. He had gone to the Doctor and they had given him and MRI, x-rays and cat scan all of them were clear. At this point I offered to do a healing on him to give him healing for pain. After the healing the pain had significantly decreased. By the third healing the pain was gone. He has been pain free for almost four years! 

Before each healing I sit with the client and discuss what is going on with them now, what they feel they need help with or worked on, and if I feel it is needed we go over their medical history. This client was very healthy. The only issue he had was ten years prior he had fallen off a 34’ roof. He had some injuries. His nose was bleeding from hitting a wood column but nothing else. When the paramedic showed up he said he was lucky he did not have more injuries or had died from the fall.  For ten years after the fall he had no health issues. But around ten years after the fall he started having the severe pain with no explanation for it. 

During our discussions and in the healings, we were able to figure out that when he had the fall ten years prior it had weakened his energy field and it made him vulnerable to negative energy.  The side of his body that was in pain is the same side he landed on in the fall. I was able to remove the negativity and the pain went away. We also had to work on building up the protection around him, so it would not happen again. After the three healings his pain was gone completely.

When our energy is weakened things can attach or people can send negativity to you and weaken you and even cause pain and illness that Doctors may not be able to find because it is not physical yet.

Everyone is vulnerable to picking up negative energy being sent from someone who is angry with us.  We can even receive this negative energy from someone who got mad at us for not turning on our blinker and, this can affect us. 

Have you ever noticed how tired you are after shopping at Wal Mart or other public places? We are all vulnerable to negative energy affecting us. It is a good idea to learn to protect yourself when going to any public place. 

Here is a blog I did back in April. In it I explain how I protect myself.


To help you get the most from your healing experience I have a few tips to help you out.

First, you want to be comfortable with the person doing the healing. If you are not comfortable with them you may not get the most out of the healing. You need to be able to trust who is working on you and be fully open to them.

Second you need to share everything you possibly can with the healer. This will help them more accurately figure out what is going on.  Yes, most healers are intuitive, but we are all human in human bodies and we sometimes can interpret what we see from our experiences which might not be your experience. 

Finally, you must want to get better, believe that this can work, and be willing to work on yourself. 

I want to thank my friend for allowing me to share his story. I am so grateful that he allowed me to be a part of his healing.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact me.


Video Testimonial