Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor for Undiagnosed Illness


Healing Meditation

Is a meditation that can help assist your body, mind and spirit in healing. 

Along with the  guided imagery, I also send you healing energy just like I would if you were having a healing session with me.

You can listen to the meditation anytime you want.

This meditation is a genergal meditation and can help with most issues.  Here are a few it can help with. 

  •  insomnia
  •  Stress 
  •  Overwhelm
  •  Aches 
  •  Pains 
  •  Distress 
  •  and many other issues

Below are testimonials I have received for this healing meditation.

Testimonials for this free meditation

'Hi Tracy! I got to listen to the meditation!! It was truly amazing!! My husband tried it and went to sleep right away!' 


"Merry Christmas! I wanted to tell you I sent a friend your meditation and after 5 days of insomnia (she wasn’t able to sleep at all despite trying all sleep aids) she said she slept 10 hours straight! She says thank you so much! And she wants to schedule with you. How cool. You’re amazing." 

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