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Guided Healing Meditations

These meditation healings are for anyone that wants and needs extra help healing.  They are expecially helpful for people with chronic disorders and serious illnesses that need extra healing time.

Along with the imagery guidance I am also sending you healing energy just like I would if you were working with me. 

You can listen to these meditations anytime you want as often as you want!

The reason I was guided to do this is because I can’t do healings on someone everyday and these healing meditations can possbily help your bodys own natural ability to heal.

These healing meditations  can energetically help support your body’s own healing ability and   

can energetically help heal during recovery.


The Cancer while doing Chemotherapy treatment can energetically help support during recovery and can energetically help support with treatments.


The Cancer Healing Meditation can energetically help heal during recovery.

I can make any meditation that would support your own bodies healing!  

Below are the meditations for immediate download.


Personalized Healing Meditations


Personalized healing meditations are meditations where you and Tracy discuss what you need and she makes a meditation personalized to exactly what you need for your healing journey. She uses her  intuition and guidancethat she receives to make a meditation that is perfect for your healing journey!

Price will vary  depending on how long the meditation is. 

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Free Healing Meditation

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